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Host an Enrichment Event at your Store 

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Just like the right nutrition, daily enrichment is essential to the health and happiness of small pets. Our new Enriched Life line makes it easy to support instinctual behaviors such as playing, chewing, exploring, and hiding each day.

One great way to educate your customers on the essential benefits of enrichment is by hosting an interactive and engaging event at your store. Oxbow is committed to helping spread the message of enrichment by providing support for these events.

Apply today to host your enrichment event anytime throughout August and September. If your application to host an event is approved, we will provide:

  • Oxbow products & SWAG for raffles & giveaways
  • Event-specific coupons
  • Online training for your staff
  • Point of sale support
  • Printable activity pages for kids


Small Pet Event Application: