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Submit your best artwork depicting Steamboat's Local Legends!

Download a template circle to decorate

Prompt: This year's theme, "Where Legends are Made," is a nod towards the numerous athletes the SSWSC will send to the Winter Olympics during Winter Carnival and also to the people and events within the carnival that make our community special and known. What makes a local “legend”? Example: Howelsen Hill is the training ground for Olympic Legends. Who and what are the legends of Winter Carnival that keep the show going and make it a world-known display (Fiery hoop? Flare skiers? The street events?) Maybe your art is a rendition of the 'legends' on horses who tow kids down the snow filled streets for street events, or a rendition of an athlete or athletes from your favorite discipline(s) to watch in the Winter Olympics (SSWSC trains Olympic level athletes in Nordic Combined, Cross Country, Snowboarding, Alpine, Freeskiing, Moguls, and Snowboarding!)  

Medium: Bright, vivid imagery is always preferred!  Artists are encouraged to be creative and think outside of the box; we have been wowed before by art that reflected the theme in a new light! Artists are requested to contain their artwork within a circle that fills an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper or larger. Please leave off  all text, dates or years! We will add that later! The bigger the better for printing on banners!  Any medium may be used that translates well onto a flat button. (Markers, pencils, digital design, crayons, paint, etc).

Please note: The International Olympic Committee has copy writes on anything graphic that references the Olympics. We cannot use artwork that uses Olympic properties such as Olympic designations or the Olympic Flag, the Olympic torch, Olympic Rings, or even creative renditions of them (Meaning, if the artists puts fireworks in the shape of the Olympic Rings, we still could be penalized for using it.)  Please keep in mind that we cannot choose a winning artist that uses Olympic properties. Click Here for more information.

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Upload your photo and fill out the form from November 1st to November 19th at 5pm. Winning artists may be asked to submit original artwork depending on photo quality.

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