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For a chance to win a bottle of Italian wine! 

October 3 | 10am-3pm

Entry Form

In 2016, which country (and with what tonnage) Singapore seafood import was mainly from?


Official Rules

Copyright 2019 [The Yield Lab Asia Pacific]


Day 1 & 2

-This lucky draw giveaway is organized by AquaSG event, and only open to AquaSG attendees.
-There can be only one application per person.

-It is accessible via a website communicated during the event only.
-Participants need to answer to a simple numerical question. Only people with the correct answer will go through a lucky draw system embedded in ShortStackApp conducted by a staff from The Yield Lab.
-Prize: one bottle of sparkling Italian red wine per day.
-The winner will be announced at the close of each day at the Yield Lab Booth (Booth #6). 
-The winner will be notified by email and phone to collect his prize and invited to take a photo.
-The prize has to be collected on the same day.
-The Yield Lab shall not be held responsible for any loss, damage, defect due to the use of the prize.

Day 3

-All the rules above apply except the lucky draw will be conducted on stage around noon, The Yield Lab team will randomly select one business card from the ones that have been previously handed to The Yield Lab booth. There will not be a question of the day.

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