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Emblem Design Contest

Have an awesome idea for an emblem? Does the world need to see it? Put your skills to the test! Submit your napkin sketch, Microsoft Paint masterpiece, or even a written description of your grand idea and you might just get it for free! 

The Main Event staff will choose the best 8 ideas, professionally design and render them, and post for the world to vote on them. All 8 will receive a 50% discount on their idea, and the winner will have it brought to life for free! Full rules and contest info below.  

How to Text


1. Submit your design idea and details

2. M.E.E Staff will review and choose the top 8 design ideas (date TDA)

3. Top 8 designs will be professionally drafted into CAD and rendered

3. If you make it in the top 8, you'll be notified and voting will start

4. Have your friends and family vote for your design!

5. Winner will have their idea brought to life for free, runner-ups will receive 50% off

Original content only please. Universal make/model designs preferred but not required. Sketches/drawn designs preferred over written ideas. 


Entry Form

Official Rules

Copyright 2017 Main Event Emblems

Design Contest Rules

By submitting a design into the competition, you consent to the following rules and information.

Any and all intellectual property rights regarding the contest entries (rights related to domestic and global copyrights, patents, utility models, designs, and trademarks) shall be transferred to Main Event, and the applicant consents and agrees that the chance to win is fair compensation for transfer of these rights.

We reserve the right to remove any entry without notice. Runner-up contestants will receive 50% off the creation of the product design they've submitted. Winner of the competition will receive the product at 100% off retail price. Both runner-ups and winner will be responsible for shipping and handling and duty, if applicable. 

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