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Contest Description

Fellow Farmers!  We're slowly approaching Spring 2019, so Bob-White Systems is throwing a "Winter on the Farm" Photo Contest for all of you.  We know it's not always easy (if ever) during the winter months, so help us put together a nice gallery of anything that's has to do with farming in the snow/cold; and lets see if we can't spread some warmth by uploading some awesome photos!

Just follow the 3 steps below and spread the word!

step 1

step 1

Upload your winter photo and fill out the form

step 2

step 2

Vote for your favorite photo

step 3

step 3

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Official Rules

Copyright 2019 [Bob-White Systems]


  1. Each entry must contain a photo related to agriculture in winter
  2. only 1 submission per-person (multiple persons from same farm is okay)
  3. The top two photos with the most likes, will receive a $50 gift card to BWS
  4. No vulgar, inappropiate, or political photos allowed. 
  5. HAVE FUN!!! 
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