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What do oaks mean to YOU?

There are many ways we might think about and interact with oaks and oak woodlands; they might engage our SENSES, invoke EMOTIONS, radiate BEAUTY, bring us MEANING, or inspire COMPASSION. But what do oaks mean to you? 

We'd love to receive your tributes to oaks in the form of text or images, or both!

Submit your tribute using the form below and you'll be entered into a PRIZE DRAW where 5 lucky entrants will win a £25 voucher redeemable against outdoor clothing/equipment or horticultural goodies (UK residents only).


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Decription for entrants

Entry Form

Tributes could include, for example; short stories, poems, letters, messages, photographs, works of art or similar.

Entry Form





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1. Tributes are sought from individuals residing in the United Kingdom at the time of entry. Entrants from elsewhere are permitted but only UK residents will be eligible for entry into the prize draw.

2. Entrants may submit a written tribute and/or a tribute in the form of an image. Tributes may include for example; short stories, poems, prose, messages, photographs, drawings, paintings or similar.

3. Entrants may enter multiple tributes by completing additional forms. However, prizes will be limited to one per individual. Thus, an entrant can increase their chance of winning a prize by submitting multiple entries, but they will not be eligible to win more than one prize.

4. All tributes must have been produced by the entrant. Submission of tributes produced or owned by other parties will not be eligible to win a prize.

5. Members of the BAC-STOP project will not be eligible to win a prize.

6. Entries will be accepted up until 31st March 2022.

7. Prizes will be allocated through a prize draw i.e. winners chosen at random. No judging will take place.

8. By entering tributes, entrants give permission for the organisers to reproduce images for non-commercial purposes, such as research outputs. In such cases, every attempt will be made to credit the contributor. No tributes will be used for financial gain by the organisers. For more information on the how tributes may be used, please visit the main BAC_STOP website.

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