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SUBMISSIONS will be accepted from August 1, 2022 through Sept. 9, 2022

VOTING Begins September 14, 2022

VOTING Ends September 30, 2022

Winners will be announced on Oct. 10, 2022!




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Submission Dates: August 1 - September 9, 2022!

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"The Art of Science"

The NUANCE Center acts as a scientist’s laboratory and an artist’s studio. Innovative research produces images that communicate scientific discoveries as well as compelling designs. At NUANCE we understand that nanoscale research often yields awe-inspiring images that grant access into a potentially unfamiliar sub-microscopic world. We want to extend a glimpse of our student and staff researchers’ perspectives on this world to those connected, directly or indirectly, to nanotechnology fields through NUANCE’s annual scientific image contest.

The NUANCE "Art of Science” image contest commemorates and unveils the talented persons behind the instrument and the aesthetics emerging beyond the science.

Any questions, please contact us at: kathryn.dean@northwestern.edu

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Please complete the following form to submit your image. For multiple images, complete 1 form for each image.

Please try to provide the image in a landscape format at 300-600 dpi at a standard 16:9 aspect ratio.

Entry Form

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All Submissions must include the following information:

  • First and Last Name
  • Appointment (graduate student, scientist, postdoctoral fellow, etc.)
  • Affiliation (Northwestern University, Argonne, etc.)
  • Department, if applicable (Materials Science, Chemistry, etc.)
  • Research group, if applicable (Dravid research group, Odom research group, etc.)
  • Title of image
  • Short description of image
  • Full name of instrument used to produce image

Image must be submitted in JPEG, PNG or TIFF format at the highest resolution possible.

The winning images will be used for promotional materials for NUANCE including the website, printed materials and digitally displayed on our monitors. 

*Please note that the images may be modified or altered to fit the aspect ratio. To avoid alterations, please try to provide the image in a landscape format at 300-600 dpi at a standard 16:9 aspect ratio.


Official Rules


  • The contest is open to all students, postdoctoral fellows, research associates, scientists, professors, staff, and external users who use the NUANCE Center instruments.  

  • The image submitted must have been produced from a NUANCE Center instrument.  If submitting a photograph - the content of the photograph (ex. Wafer, etc.)  must have been created using a NUANCE Center instrument. You can view examples and last year's winners here.

  • 3 entries per person will be allowed.

  • If you are a user of an instrument that produces smaller images, you may submit several images as a collage.  The collage of images should represent a theme, and preferably be from the same sample.

  • Image must not have been fundamentally altered from its original form, or combined with other images for artistic effect.  Colorization of the image is not required for submission. If you’d like to colorize your image it should be limited to traditional techniques and follow normal guidelines for research images used to better display data. Colorization should not alter the image to present components that were not in the original image.

  • The submitter must have been involved in the generation of the image and must obtain permission for its use in this contest from any colleagues who participated in its generation. Acknowledgment of collaborators can be credited in the written description, but only the submitter will be recognized by the judges.

  • The NUANCE Center reserves the non-exclusive right to use any submitted image for educational and promotional purposes with credit to the creator.  The submitter must retain the rights to have this image used and the image may not currently have any other copyright claims.

  • Each entry must include a short description, of 150 words or less, written in layman's terms. This should describe the image, discuss how it was generated, and explain its significance to the research project in which it was produced.

  • Each entry must include a brief title preferably not to exceed 5 words.


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(Prizes will be announced)

  • Overall Winners (1st, 2nd & 3rd!)
  • Director's Pick
  • Staff Pick
  • Honorable Mentions 

Winners will be announced on October 8, 2022 as part of NUANCE Fest!


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Voting Begins September 14, 2022

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