Exploratory Essay Writing - A Step By Step Guide

If you are a student and looking for help as you have to submit your exploratory essay assignment soon, you are at luck. You can find everything in this article to learn what is an exploratory essay and how to write a perfect one. 

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Exploratory essay is quite different from the other types of essays that you face in your high school or college years. Rather than writing with the intent of convincing your readers, you are writing to learn more about the issue and to come up with a solution to how that problem should be resolved. In addition to that, another important element is that these types of essays are reflective of your cognitive as well as writing skills as you work through a specific problem. However you can go for professional essay writing service for more help online.

Exploratory writing focuses more on how you will work through problems that require extensive research and good writing skills. To handle this task like a pro, you will need to be contemplative and think about the thought process in order to craft a successful essay. 

Similar to other types of essay, the exploratory essay also follows the outline of:

The introductory paragraph is where you have to outline the problem and describe its relevance. In addition to that, it demonstrates a few possible causes of the problem and some of its potential solutions.

Each body paragraph should provide a brief introduction of the source material and reasons for selecting it. Include relevant information that you have found in the research process. Discuss why this information is essential to add and why it is relatable. A few personal thoughts on how the source assisted and helped you to think differently about the problem or how it pointed you in a different direction. 

In the body paragraphs, provide the following information about the rhetorical background on the problem. Pay careful attention to:

The last paragraph of the essay where you will have to restate the problem that you have researched. Outline the causes and highlight the possible solutions. You might have to briefly overview institutions or people involved. If you have still questions to be answered, now is an opportunity for you to discuss them in the future. Don’t forget to mention why you believe those questions or confusion exists and where you should look to find answers and what additional research (if any) you might need to do. 

Lastly, remember, exploratory essays are not argumentative papers. Often, students asked to write argumentative essays that explain a specific viewpoint and then persuade readers to think the same way. This is not the case with exploratory essay writing, instead, the goal is to look at things from multiple angles and helping readers to come to the common ground. 

Hopefully, the above guidelines help you to understand better and craft an impressive exploratory paper. However, if you get stuck at any stage of the writing process, never forget write essay for me service is easily available now. Always go for professional help whenever you feel difficulty in completing your academic assignments. 

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