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Essays on Same-Sex Marriage


Same-sex marriage (SSM) is another highly controversial topic that elicits strong sentiments from people on both sides of the issue.  Because of this, many professors like to ask their students to write essays on same-sex marriage. The type of essay assigned can run the gamut from term papers and expository essays to critical essays and argumentative essays.

Since the same-sex marriage topic has legal and religious aspects, essays on same-sex marriage must cover a wide range of issues in addition to issues of human sexuality and morality. For example, essays on same-sex marriage might compare the laws different countries have regarding same-sex marriages and look at the reasons why these countries have made same-sex marriage legal or illegal.  A historical look at same-sex marriages is another interesting approach to take in an essay on same-sex marriages. This type of essay might look at how prevalent same-sex marriages have been throughout civilization, how attitudes have changed regarding same-sex marriages, and which countries have historically been more tolerant or less tolerant of same-sex marriages.  A good essay on same-sex marriage would also discuss the effects that same-sex marriage has on society and possible trends for the future regarding same-sex marriage.  Many essays on same-sex marriages also address the discrimination and difficulties that homosexual couples face when they want to marry.

As with all essays, essays on same-sex marriage should be backed up with a thorough understanding of the issue and solid facts to support what you’ve written.  Many Internet sites, such as "help me with my essay", which provides useful information on all essay topics, and has examples of essays on same-sex marriage, can be a great resource for writing your essay.  Given all the aspects of this issue, writing an essay on same-sex marriage should prove not only educational and enlightening for the reader, but for the writer as well.

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