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The results are IN! 

This year's winning playhouse designs are "Adventure Afloat" by Ryan Fuqua and Andrea Saban; "The Children's Museum" by Rachel Smith and Kayla Peck; and "Mr. Tumnus' House" by Greg Butler and Sons Graham and Caius:

3 winning playhouses

This year's designs were fueled by the creative power of BLDD Architects and voting was sponsored by Dale's Southlake Pharmacy & Colee's Corner Drugstore.

Here's How It Works:
The winning designs will be professionally built by JDM Custom Construction, McClanahan Builders, Doug Davidson Construction, Ted Paine, and members of the Decatur Metro Home Builders Association.  The houses will also be professionally painted by Hartwig & Callarman Painting Co and Trent Painting Service, along with the manpower of staff from 121 Coffee Run.

Purchase Raffle Tickets:
Raffle tickets will be available March 21 - June 9.

Raffle Drawing:
And the final drawings will take place June 9–one in Central Park, Decatur & one in Mr. Lincoln Square, Clinton!

Macon County CASA is so grateful for 20 years of continued community support as this fundraiser has morphed into the professionally designed, professionally built, and now professionally painted playhouses that they are today! Proceeds from the CASA Playhouse Raffle allow us to continue to increase the number of local foster children in both Macon & DeWitt Counties who we are able to advocate for not only in the courtroom, but in their schools, their foster homes, the hospitals, and so many more places. CASA’s services are vital to ensure a dependable person is with these children as they undergo all of the changes in their foster lives and to make sure that they ultimately have a voice. Thank you for supporting our CASA kiddos in their quest for safe and permanent homes!


CASA of Macon and DeWitt Counties




Macon County CASA recruits and trains community volunteers to serve as advocates for local children who have been abused or neglected and who are in foster care in Macon & DeWitt Counties. The organization envisions a Macon & DeWitt County where every child has an advocate and the opportunity to thrive both in their current foster home and in their future, permanent home. In 2021, there were over 630 cases of abuse and neglect to children in Macon County and 50 cases of abuse and neglect of children in DeWitt County. In 2021, CASA advocated for 440 foster children in Macon County (with 250 volunteers); and in just the first 6 months of our expansion, CASA advocated for 10 foster children in DeWitt County (with 6 volunteers). CASA volunteers’ lives range from full-time employees, parents of multiple children, stay at home parents, retirees, teachers, bankers, pastors ... the list is endless. The common theme is a desire to advocate for those children in need. If you are interested in seeing your possible fit as a CASA volunteer, please call Lori at 428-8424 or email We can answer questions and get you enrolled in our next volunteer class beginning March 1st. We offer both a morning in-person class and an evening virtual/all online class.

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