Oxbow's Influencer Program

Thank you for your interest! Submissions are now closed. Eligible candidates that will be further considered for the program will be contacted by March 15, 2019.

Are you a hobby farm influencer and small pet enthusiast? Are you passionate about premium nutrition and care for your animals? If so, apply for Oxbow’s Influencer Program using the form below! Submit your entries between now and February 15, 2019! Eligible candidates that will be further considered for the program will be contacted by March 15, 2019.



Requirements text

To qualify to enter for the Influencer Program, candidates must: 

  • Be active on at least one social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest.
  • Have 5,000+ followers in total (on a single platform or across platforms). Please note that meeting our minimum follower count doesn’t guarantee acceptance into the program. If you are close to the follower minimum, please enter the details in the form below.
  • Have excellent engagement from their followers in terms of likes, comments, video views, etc.
  • Have an interest in featuring their Oxbow-specific pet (rabbit, guinea pig, chinchilla, hamster, gerbil, rat, or mouse) at least 3-5 times per month. 


Program Rules text

To maintain Oxbow Influencer status, influencers MUST:

  • Review or post about Oxbow products via their social media channels at least once per month.
  • Remain compliant with the Federal Trade Commission’s policies on influencer programs by disclosing to your followers in the post that you are an Oxbow influencer by using the hashtag #OxbowSponsored.
  • Tag Oxbow Animal Health’s social media account (or handle) via the appropriate channel within the post. If you are selected for the program, a list of Oxbow's handles and social media URLs will be sent to you.
  • Email us once the post has gone live with a link to the post.

To maintain Oxbow Influencer status, influencers MUST NOT:

  • Raise small animals for the purposes of fur, meat, or breeding.
  • Utilize leashes, permanent outdoor habitats, feature predator species (dog, cat, etc.) n the same photo as the small animal, or dress their pet in outfits within the composition of their post pertaining to Oxbow products. 

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Official Rules

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