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Win a free night!

Purpose of the contest:

Create a backdrop photo that Venice Beach Hostel can then superimpose a guest's face on the picture - to give as a free gift to VBH guests


Photo requirements: 

VBH plans to take full-face photos of guests / staff, the photo face is for the purpose of placing in/onto the contest photos. 

Since the photo / photo composite is designed to work as a modern-day equivalent of photographers' backdrops; it should have a body / character positioned so that VBH may impose a guest's full-face shot on the body / character - full face.

Angled body is OK, as well, as long as a mostly full-face or full-face can be placed. 

Color and/or black & white

Art work, graphic work, etc. may be added and/or substituted for straight photo



How to play:

1. Submit your photo and details
2. Vote
3. Share


How conducted:

VBH will place photos publicly, e.g., its website, social media; as well as in hostel. The public is invited to vote; as well as guests and former guests. 

VBH may place a full-face head in or on the photo - as a pro forma look/see.

Winners will be at the discretion of VBH.

All participants whose photos meet the requirements may be winners at the discretion of VBH.

Winners get a night's stay at VBH for themselves and their significant other in a shared mixed and/or women-only rooms.




Good luck!

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