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March 2021 Winners

Congratulations to our March 2021 Winners!

Shelby Yeager

Tara Dorsey

Dorothy Chute


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High-quality grass hay is the cornerstone of every small herbivore’s diet. Among many benefits, hay helps prevent obesity, dental disease, diarrhea, and boredom. So, what’s the simplest and most effective way to add nutritional enrichment to this all-important component of your pet’s daily diet? Variety! Benefits of consuming a variety of hays include:

  • Expands your pet’s palate by allowing him to experience multiple tastes and textures
  • Keeps mealtime interesting and encourages overall consumption of all-important fiber
  • Helps pets manage natural variability between different crops & prevents picky eating



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Alfalfa, botanical, or meadow? Orchard, oat, or organic? Looking for the perfect hay variety to meet your pet's taste and texture preferences? Use our informative variety chart to help pick the perfect hay!