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What is RideMyRoute?

Experienced engineers from all across Europe developed a unique data integration software that you can use for an own mobile app and an own business model.

RideMyRoute is an innovative journey planning and booking software that helps integrating public transport with a wide range of other mobility services such as carpooling, bike-share, taxi, carsharing, parking, park&ride facilities, shuttle services, etc. RideMyRoute reduces uncertainty in their use by providing real-time updates on their availability and information on how to book them.

RideMyRoute aims at integrating all possible transportation services, data collectors and sensors that exist in your city. It can also link to any other business that relies on customers' mobility and might benefit through data integration or cross marketing incl. concert organisers, amusement parks, cinema theaters, petrol stations, cafes ... you name it.

We look for new ideas that seek to:

A) integrate different local transport services with each other in an unprecedented chain and/or

B) link this integrated local transport chain with other commercial operations and/or

C) use the released data for purposes other than transport information (e.g. geomarketing).

What is more, we work together with business incubators and financial experts who are most certainly interested in helping ideas to become a real viable business. This contest might be the gateway to your own future enterprise. We look forward to your entrepreneurial creativity!

RideMyRoute is a service of the the EU research and innovation project SocialCar (Open social transport network for urban approach to carpooling) funded by Horizon 2020.


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Which RideMyRoute associated business idea would make mobility in your city the way you want it to be?


The voting is closed. An impressive number of endorsements went to ManyTravel, Urbano, E-COmmute and Easi Mouve. Taking this into account, the Jury is now assessing the top endorsed ideas in terms of innovation and market potential.

Disclaimer: voting results do not entitle any participant to claim any kind of compensation from the SocialCar consortium.



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This contest is the sole responsibility of the SocialCar consortium. The European Commission / Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA) is not responsible for any use that may be made of the information provided herein.