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Lens us your pics!

Help spotlight the unique beauty of the Teanaway Community Forest! With five areas of focus, share stunning vistas, rivers, rock formations, wildlife, and community enthusiasm. Prizes will be awarded to winners in each category, with a grand prize selected overall. This contest is offered by the Teanaway Community Forest Advisory Committee.

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Submit digital photos in JPEG format only.
Higher resolution photos (300 dpi, 9 x 11 inches or approximately 2700 x 3300 pixels) are preferable.

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Submit your favorite Teanaway snapshots! 

One entry per category allowed.

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Fill out the form and upload your pic to develop community connections to the Teanaway!

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Share your entry to gain votes. You may vote once a day.

Judges will select the three highest-ranked finalists in each category.

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Teanaway at Play

Flora and Fauna



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Your participation in the Teanaway Photo Contest helps us encourage exploration and preservation of Washington's first Community Forest. As thanks, we've put together some great prize packages!

Our judges will select one overall grand prize winner, who will receive:

A framed print of their winning photo
A half-day fly fishing trip with Tamarack's Guide Service
Tickets for four to a Mariners' game of choice
Green Trails Maps ultralight waterproof, tear-resistant map of the Alpine Lakes East region

Our judges will select one first place winner from the top three most highly voted images in each category. These five first place winners will receive:

A framed print of their winning photo
An REI Co-op Trail Supplies Fleece Blanket for staying warm while waiting on the perfect shot.
Green Trails Maps ultralight waterproof, tear-resistant map of the Alpine Lakes East region


Judge's Tips

Judge's Tips

Consider these handy tips for capturing a winning photo! Pictures are powerful, and we want to ensure that the photos we feature show hiking and camping practices that set good examples for Teanaway visitors.

Standing in a meadow in front of a craggy peak might look cool, but we don't want to encourage trampling delicate flora to get a nice shot. As a general rule, our judges will only select a if it depicts hikers staying on the trail or durable surface (like snow or rock) and practicing good Leave No Trace principles.

It's good etiquette to keep your dog on leash when hiking, and on some trails it's the law. Please keep dogs on leash for photos that are entered in the photo contest.

For our Teanaway at Play category, we ask that any campfires depicted in photos are legal and in contained fire rings. Tents should be placed on a durable surface and camps should be Leave No Trace compliant. We want to show off your beautiful campsites and promote good backpacking and camping practices.

Taking a dip in a lake is a refreshing way to unwind in the summer. We ask when choosing a swimming hole to be sure that it large enough to handle the impact and has an outflow. This helps keep the ecosystem in pristine condition for the local flora and fauna, and for future hikers. We also discourage the construction of recreational rock dams to create wading pools, as this can negatively impact fish passage and water temperature. Please do not submit photos of recreational dams (unless you’re showcasing volunteers removing one!).

To ensure that photos demonstrate the best practices of Leave No Trace ethics, we ask that you never feed wildlife or bait them with food to get a better picture. There are many reasons why feeding wildlife can be detrimental to them, so we ask that all photos showing wildlife be 100 percent natural and shot from a safe and respectful distance. If you do submit a photo of wildlife, please let us know how far away you were when it was shot!

Lookouts are incredibly popular destinations, and for good reason. They're scenic and can make incredible focal points for catching sunrises and sunsets. When you visit or camp in a lookout, please ensure that the lookout in question is legally open for a visit or for camping. There are several private property parcels within the Teanaway Community Forest, and we do not want to encourage accidental trespass. Also be sure to follow any rules that are posted at the lookout for the duration of your stay and leave the lookout in the same condition (or better) than you found it. Another great opportunity to show your volunteer chops!

Official Rules


An official entry form must be completed for each photograph submitted. Photographers may submit one photo in each category for a TOTAL OF FIVE PHOTOS ONLY per photographer.

All photos must be taken in the Teanaway Community Forest and comply with/portray Leave No Trace practices.

The same photo cannot be entered in more than one category. Judges reserve the right to switch images to other categories.

The contest is open to all photographers, except for members of the Teanaway Community Forest Advisory Committee, contest judges and their families. The Advisory Committee reserves the right to verify, in its sole judgment, entrant eligibility. Photographs must be taken in the Teanaway. Entrants agree to allow the Teanaway Community Forest Advisory Committee and DNR to publish any submitted photograph in flyers, publications, social media or other materials to help support the Teanaway Community Forest. Photographers must have permission for photos to be published of any person whose faces is shown in their photos. Photographs submitted must be taken by the photographer.

Photographs will be judged on originality, technical excellence, composition, overall impact and artistic merit. Public votes will be collected, and the top three from each category will be assessed by a panel of judges. One winner from each category, plus an overall grand prize winner, will be selected from these top-ranked photos. All decisions are final.

Submit digital photos in JPEG format only. Higher resolution photos are at an advantage—optimal resolution is 300 dpi. Photos are best if they can be reproduced to a width of 9 by 11 inches, or approximately 2700 x 3300 pixels.

All entries are due no later than JANUARY 30.

Judges may exclude entries that do not meet the above criteria, and are not able to provide individual feedback on submissions.

Winners will be notified by email. The Teanaway Community Forest Advisory Committee is not responsible for lost or damaged prizes.


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