Our 2020 Motoblot Film Festival submission period is now open!


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Why does Motoblot have a film festival?

While there will be no red carpet at the entrance or fancy dress code enforced, the Motoblot Film Festival is an important event for cinematic art. Since 2017, Motoblot's carefully curated, moto-centric lineup of films tells unique stories, highlights subcultures and explores social issues. 

Film festivals provide a platform for filmmakers to introduce their work, gain feedback and attract further support. Now in it’s fourth year, festivals like Motoblot’s have helped open doors for many iconic filmmakers. Motoblot is a perfect opportunity to support filmmakers that invest in sharing the stories that represent our diverse moto cultures.


Submissions are open for any film where motorcycles, motorcycling or vintage automobiles are the main focus of the film. Submissions that are about motorcycling or prominently feature the moto world will be accepted for review and possible screening at this year's Motoblot Film Festival.

  • All films submitted are screened by the Motoblot and Motoblot Film Festival screening committee.
  • Films selected will be entered into the Film Festival as ‘Official Selections’ and screened during the festival.
  • Submission to the festival does not guarantee selection to the festival.
  • Submissions entered into the festival as ‘Official Selections’ will be listed on our website and filmmakers will be notified by email and sent an ‘Official Selection’ wreath PDF for their own media usage.
  • Films must be submitted to the Festival in a .MOV file format at 1920×1080 resolution. All films must be in English or Subtitled in English.
  • Entrants are responsible for obtaining any necessary licenses, royalties, release forms, clearances and permits necessary to present their work. Motoblot Motorcycle Film Festival and our venue partners are not responsible for any claims involving trademark, credits, or royalty infringement related to the work. In the event of copyright disputes, submissions or accepted films will be disqualified from the festival. Submissions received late, incomplete, or non-playable may be disqualified.
  • ‘Official Selections’ may bring and manage marketing and promotional materials to their own screening with prior permission from the Festival. All applicants must be 18 years of age or older, or have a legal parent or guardian submit a film on their behalf.
  • Submitters agree that film clips/trailers and other materials related to their film may be used and/or published on the Motoblot website, digital and print event programs, and for any promotional purposes deemed appropriate by the Festival.
  • Screenings of admitted films are subject to delay or change at any time without prior notice.


By submitting to the Motoblot Film Festival, the submitter agrees to the following:
Submitter understands that the Festival reserves the right to place my film in the appropriate competition category. By submitting their film, Submitter admits to understanding and agreeing to comply with and agree to all the Motoblot Film Festival and all partner venue terms of entry, general rules, and eligibility requirements. The Festival and any venues used, hold no responsibility for lost or damaged property. Submitter owns or controls the copyright in, and to the film, and is authorized to submit this film to the Motoblot Film Festival. To the best of the submitter's knowledge, this film contains no material which could result in tort claims, royalty claims, claims for breach of contract, or any other claims whatsoever. If this film is selected for screening, submitter gives the Festival the right to screen this film and fully indemnifies and holds the Festival, all screening venues and festival partners harmless from any claims which may arise in connection with this film. Submitter will bear all the costs of defense incurred and pay any award of damages which may ensue. Submitter also agrees to reimburse the festival for any attorney fees incurred in connection with the defense of any such claims.

Entry Form

Main contact for submission.

Tell us about the film.

The Motoblot Film Festival runs June 25-28, 2020. If your film is selected, would you have a representative that is able to attend the event? Those that can attend will not be prioritized, but it may offer additional promotional opportunities (such as discussion with the producer, etc.).

Official Rules

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