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Join George Lynch and Master Luthier Grover Jackson in a four day, all immersive, hands on guitar building workshop. Walk away with a once in a lifetime experience providing you with your own Mr.Scary guitar designed for this class, the opportunity to play through one of George’s own iconic amp rigs, a photo collection of your experience, and one on one time throughout the course with industry titans.

George and Grover will accompany the small and intimate class each day as they walk you through the coursework, including: basic routing and body/neck shaping, fret and inlay assembly, guitar finish basics, pickup installation and final assembly. At the end of the course George will do a Q & A session and allow each student to play through one of his personal amp rigs… on the guitar YOU build!! Space is limited (8 students per workshop) and will fill up fast, so don’t wait. Lodging accommodations are close for those who will be travelling.

Course Breakdown

IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ: Due to the nature of this course participants must be 18 or older, though one younger child (14+) may accompany an adult to watch at no extra charge. Although we will be going over every aspect of building, this course is designed and equipped to handle all builders from novice to expert! It is also important note that while George’s individual Mr.Scary guitars are pin-routed and done by hand, for the intention of course completion, bodies and necks will be routed in advance for the course.

Day 1: NECKS 9am-4pm (Provided Lunch 12:15-1pm)

  • Material overview and individual neck component presentation
  • Final shaping and sanding of neck
  • Laser demonstration of inlay cutting and application of inlays
  • Final truing and fretting of necks including pre-dressing of raw frets
  • Laser application of logo (select options available)
  • Tint and finish.

Day 2: BODIES 9am-4pm (Provided Lunch 12:15-1pm)

  • Review of previous day’s work. What to look out for when curing and inspecting.
  • Brief explanation and theory of fret dressing, leveling and crowning.
  • Plek demonstration and Pleking of each neck, including final cornering and polishing.
  • Brief CNC intro and demonstration of today’s technology and application process.
  • George Lynch demonstration on final sanding, contouring, wood burning and highlight finish technique.
  • This portion will take most of the day as each student will be working alongside each other while George is assisting each student with final woodworking steps.
  • Brief overview of commercial finish techniques, safety, and spray equipment
  • Final protective top coat

Day 3: PICKUPS AND FINAL ASSEMBLY 9am-4am (Provided Lunch 12:15-1)

  • Brief explanation of pickup construction and theory.
  • Pickup winding demonstration
  • (Optional) Laser engraving of pickup covers (select options available)
  • Pickup potting (for covered pickups)
  • Distribution and review of parts for assembly
  • George Lynch demonstration of aging and relicing parts
  • Laser engraving of neck plate (with custom engraving)
  • Overview of assembly process
  • This will take most of the day. Begin assembly, including: pickup loading and wiring, tuning machine and locking nut installation, neck fitting and assembly, Floyd Rose installation and stringing.

Day 4: FINAL ASSEMBLY CONT’D 9am-4pm (Provided Lunch 12:15-1)

  • Final set up and evaluation of each guitar, including tips from George and Grover.
  • George Lynch Q and A, rig rundown of his gear, and time to play through it all.
  • Photo and autograph opportunity.
  • Presentation of event photos and certificate of completion.

Course total: $8,000

Includes daily course work, all materials and parts necessary for a finished guitar, daily catered lunch, USB drive of photos taken throughout the course, and a certificate of completion.

Workshop will be held in Laguna Hills, CA U.S.A.

Remember! This class is going to be fun and exciting for everyone and you do NOT need to be an expert to enjoy the insight and experience. All you need is a willingness to learn and ability to have fun! This is the ultimate opportunity to participate in building your own guitar with true industry legends.

For payment information and to register please contact MrScaryGuitarAcademy@gmail.com. Space is limited to 8 students per workshop and is based on a first come first serve basis.

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