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No, you're not seeing double! There really is two of eveything! This month we are giving away two of each, worth over £100! You could be in with the chance of winning this kit for yourself and a friend!

Make sure you share this with your friend to double your chances of winning!

In this months bundle of goodies we have two Soladey 3 Toothbrushes, two olive sticks, two Miswak Sticks, 2 packs of refillable Dental Silk Floss and two Wooden Toothbrushes!

Olive and Miswak sticks

These fully natural tree-grown toothbrush – Create your own toothbrush from the amazing the traditional toothbrush tree stick. No need for toothpaste or mouthwash either, this toothbrush releases it own antibacterial sap as you use it. Even the World Health Organizion promotes the use of the toothbrush stick for cleaning the teeth and gums

Wooden Toothbrushes

This traditional toothbrush of beech wood with natural boar bristles makes tooth brushing truly pleasant. The bristles are soft and yet they seem to grip the tooth surface while cleaning them, quite unlike nylon counterparts and they are ideal for cleaning the gums safely.

Silk Floss with Refill

A totally natural eco friendly Silk Floss waxed with Candelilla plant leaf wax in fully eco packaging.

 Soladey 3 Toothbrushes

A light activated toothbrush which uses light energy and your saliva to eject plaque off the teeth. Get cleaner teeth and healthier gums without scrubbing with toothpaste.


 With all this- cleaning your teeth will never be boring again!


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